Get information on the volume of your landfill in no time. The drone takes a series of photos that are then processed into a point cloud and a 3D model. Several dozen photos are enough to create a very accurate model that will be used to calculate the volume.

Calculations can be performed from an indicated plane,  selected elevation height, from the highest or lowest point. The measurement error is precisely determined and amounts to about 2-5% depending on several factors, e.g. the size of the measured object. The client receives a report with a point cloud and a 3D model.

We measure the volume of landfills, workings, e.g. in opencast mines and stockpiles.

Fast and precise measurement

The data is obtained by a drone, which takes a photogrammetric flight in several dozen minutes and acquires the appropriate number of georeferenced photos. The photos are processed into a multi-million point cloud, which ensures high precision

You will increase security

The use of a drone significantly increases the safety of operations. It speeds up the measurement process. Performing measurements using the classical method requires entering a heap, which may result in an accident.

Record of changes

Do you want to have everything under control?
Cyclic measurements will allow you to control the increase or decrease in the volume of the landfill or excavation. Order the service and we will take measurements immediately.

We provide a service or provide training and equipment

We can provide a comprehensive service, but if you want to perform the service yourself, you can commission us to train your staff. We will also provide a drone, sensors and appropriate software. Investment from about PLN 80k.

Zadzwoń +48323235123
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