Thanks to the use of thermal imagingand we are able to instantly detect and diagnose irregularities, defects, defects. Thermal imaging is also used for monitoring protected areas and early detection of threats. The use of drones with thermal imaging cameras allows you to save people in crisis situations, when every second counts.


We make thermovision flights of heating networks. From the collected data, we can prepare a report on the condition of the installation in terms of possible leaks.
High sensitivity and high resolution of the thermal imaging camera allows to detect underground leaks, faults and network failures.
We can process the obtained photos into a heat map


The heat map allows for a quick diagnosis of the condition of underground pipelines. During the flight, the drone takes hundreds of photos with a thermal imaging camera. The files are saved in the form of a heat map, which allows for detailed analysis later.The algorithm detects characteristic points in each photo and then combines them together into one map. The film shows the detection of a hotspot of an underground heating installation. After locating the hot-spot, the drone landed near the crash site, indicating the damaged area.

Can we indicate the temperature of the observed object ?

Yes! We are able to determine the approximate temperature of the observed objects. Our thermal imaging camera is equipped with a radiometric microbolometer sensor, therefore the indications may be imprecise and the error depends on the range of extreme temperature values.

Is such a study expensive?

Yes! everything that is of the highest quality must be expensive, but the costs of testing are still much lower than the costs of removing possible failures that you can avoid thanks to us

What time to choose for a thermal imaging test?

It is best to conduct research at least 2 hours after sunset, when the surface exposed to the sun has time to cool. The influence of the sun can effectively distort the measurement results, therefore the best results will be obtained when flying at night.

How to order the service?

Contact our customer service department and determine the scope of work. We will help you choose the right service. We will set the date of the examination together and sign a contract for implementation. From then on, you will receive a report within a few days!
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